Posted: April 24, 2023
Full Time

Advanced Taxidermy & Wildlife Design Ltd. / Advanced Taxidermy

Company: Advanced Taxidermy & Wildlife Design Ltd. / Advanced Taxidermy

Business Information: Advanced Taxidermy has been in business for over 25 years established in 1986. Inspired by nature, hunting and fishing, and being avid fishermen and hunters brought the idea of Advanced Taxidermy to life. Advanced Taxidermy does a full line of taxidermy, including big game, life size mounts, shoulder mounts, tanning, birds, mammals, reptiles, fish as well as recreations and reproductions. This is not limited to sculpture, carving dioramas, trophy rooms, murals, as well as custom carpentry.

Business Address: 2755 King Street, Caledon, ON, L7C 0S8

Work Location: Same as above

Type of Employment: Full time–Permanent

Estimated Start Date: As soon as possible

Job duties:

Prepare reports.

Assist in the research, handling and storage of inventory: birds, mammals, reptiles, fish.

Classify and assign registration numbers and supervise inventory control

Prepare and mount skins of animals, especially mammals, for preservation, scientific or display purposes.

Skinning, fleshing, tanning, fitting hide to forms, making form alterations, mounting hide to the form.

Habitat creation and placement of mounts in habitat.

Completing work in a timely manner.


Education: Completion of a college program in museum technology or conservation technology or other technical or on-the-job training programs related to the work is required.

Experience: At least 2 years of experience as a Taxidermist is required.

Must have experience with life size mammals, shoulder mounts of mammals, as well as a recreations and reproductions.

Experience with birds, reptiles and fish would be an asset.

Must be artistic, have either schooling, have completed seminars or demonstrated artistic ability is required.

A taxidermist recognized in the taxidermy community is preferred.

Work conditions and physical capabilities: Manual dexterity, Attention to detail.

Personal Suitability: Excellent written and oral communication, Accurate, Dependability, Judgement, Organized.

Salary: $25.35 per hour; 40 - 44 Hours per week

Important information:

Two shifts available from Monday to Friday and Tuesday to Saturday. The most common schedule will be 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM. At least two days off per week. Overtime is optional.

Benefits: Bonus depending on business performance and temporary accommodation available at a discounted rate.

Apply by e-mail to:

info [at]