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We know that many youths need guidance and support to reach their potential. That is why YOU operates social enterprises, to offer skills training and hands-on experience to youth in London and Middlesex County. Our training sites are focused on youth gaining the experience that they need to become engaged in the job market.

Youth in employment training programs at YOU have the opportunity to work at the YOU Made It Café, YOU Woodshop, or creating our Mushed by YOU preserves. Expert mentors at each site support youth in learning new skills in customer service, food production, carpentry, and more. In building their skillset, youth gain the confidence they need to thrive in the workplace.

To explore training opportunities within YOU’s social enterprises, contact Career Services at info@you.ca / 519-432-1112.

“The biggest impact that the program has made on my life is learning skills that I’ve never had before like tracking inventory, making jams, salsas and jellies. Also it has helped me improve my customer service, housekeeping and organizing skills. The workshops that I have done will make a pretty big impact in my life, because they improved my knowledge and it also has helped me figure out what I want to do for a career in the future. The program was very helpful and I am glad I did it. I would recommend it to anyone.” - Courtney


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