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Employment Services At YOU Just Got Better

Finding the right job, or the right employee fit, can be a challenge. But YOU is here to help.

Whether you’ve experienced challenges - with life or employment - or are struggling to find a fit, we can help you gain the stability and skills to find the right job and keep it. And, we’ll help you connect directly with employers and with other youth who are having the same experiences as you, through our new program that’s designed to help young people become and stay employed.

We know challenges can show up in different ways in the workplace, so that’s why we train employers to adapt to different employee needs. It means you can keep the job you worked so hard to secure and employers can reduce employee turnover.

Our caring and compassionate staff is here for you - the whole you - and will help you build your confidence and find your footing with wrap-around support services. We offer longer-term supports - up to 1 year after employment - to address employment challenges, including helping to remove barriers that impact employment, such as housing, transportation, education, and food insecurity.

If you’re interested in joining the program, either as a client, employer or community organization, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact: Lori Prentice, Community Developer, at

How It Works | For Youth

You come in for a 30-60 minute intake appointment, where we seek to understand the barriers you’re facing, your employment history and goals, and connect you to community resources like mental health supports or food supports.

How It Works | For Employers

  1. We train you on how to hire and retain youth, including the importance of investing in youth today to address tomorrow’s labour challenges, common challenges affecting youth employment retention, and how to adapt your workplace to foster a culture that promotes youth vitality.

  2. Our Business Liaisons and Job Developers work with employers to find youth candidates for employment positions.

  3. We offer on-site extended support for you and the employee for up to 1 year through our job retention specialist.

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