Help Create a Sense of Home

With construction now underway, we’re turning our attention to filling up the halls of Joan’s Place with hope.
Because at YOU, we know it takes more than a roof or affordable rent to change a life. It takes security, support, safety and the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Especially for youth, young moms, and moms-to-be experiencing homelessness. 

It takes a home — and that’s so much more than a place to stay. 

When we provide young people with a sense of home — including the special touches that help people feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed — they not only break the cycle of homelessness, they have the chance to build entirely new cycles. 

We need your help to create a sense of home at Joan’s Place. 

I’m ready to create a sense of home

That means providing the gift of a good night’s sleep in a cozy bed, complete with new, fresh sheets; it means ensuring kitchens are stocked with the supplies needed for young parents to cook healthy meals for themselves and their children; it means stocking the bathroom with clean towels and a new Paw Patrol toothbrush. 

We need your help to provide that all-important feeling of security, safety and care at Joan’s Place. By donating to fill up our deeply affordable apartments with all of the essentials and comforts that many of us take for granted, you can help create the all-important sense of home for the young families who’ll live at Joan’s Place.

With a gift in any of the following amounts, here’s what you’ll be making possible:

  • $10 ensures a fresh, soft (or firm!) pillow for a safe and sound night’s sleep
  • $30 provides the lamp where a young mom will read her child their nightly bedtime story
  • $80 delivers a desk where homework can be completed or resumes can be worked on
  • $200 provides a tiny secure crib for our littlest Londoners to be tucked safely into at night 
  • Add $150 to make sure that this tiniest of beds has the coziests of mattresses, sheets and blankets
  • $515 fills an entire room with linens, cooking utensils and other comforts
  • $570 makes sure a warm, made bed is there each night for tired young parents

You can help build new futures. 

Starting with a new, safe and comfortable home.