2022 Impact

Last year, with your support: 

• 856 basic needs supports were offered out of the Youth Action Centre

• 303 youth accessed the emergency food bank

• 1,016 crisis intervention supports were given

• 337 youth accessed the Youth Shelter (but 703 were turned away due to capacity limitations)

• 245 youth were supported in securing housing

• 107 youth were supported in avoiding eviction to remain housed

• 504 enrolled in programming in Career Services (including 257 from the Shelter)

• 274 youth secured employment

• 122 returned to education

• 137 youth accessed training within YOU Social Enterprises

• 813 referrals for physical and mental health supports were made

All of this helps youth on the path to success. None of this would be possible without support from our community. Thank you for giving so generously.