Do I need an appointment to come to Career Services?

We offer both first come, first serve drop-in employment counselling or you can schedule an appointment to meet with an Employment Counsellor. Employment Counselling is available after hours on Monday & Wednesday from 5:00PM-7:00PM at our Youth Action Centre.

What happens during my first appointment?
An Employment Counsellor will help you make a plan of action to help you find work or return to school. They will discuss all the programming we have available and see which ones are a best fit!

I want to upgrade my education, can you help?
We provide educational planning, assessments and upgrading for the General Education Diploma (GED), along with certifications in Canadian Red Cross First Aid, Smart Serve, Safe Food Handling.

What is the GED test?
The GED General Education Diploma is a widely recognized test that if you pass you will have your high school equivalency diploma. The GED will help you to get into post-secondary training, or assist you with securing work.

Do I have to pay for the training?
Our pre-employment training programs are free but some certification training can have fees attached. Come and meet with us and we can let you know.

I am a student looking for work, can you help? :

We can! We offer assistance with reviewing your resume in our Employment Resource Centre and assistance with finding a summer job

I am a parent, guardian or community service provider and I want to get a young person who is not working or in school connected to your services:
Thank you for thinking of YOU! The first step would be to book an appointment with an Employment Counsellor by emailing employment@you.ca or calling 519.432.1112

What is the TES Program?
This is a program for any youth on OW who want to get some great skills and work experience. The program is three weeks in length and is a great way to improve your resume, learn about the best ways to job search and access YOU’s various job sites such as our You Made It Café, Recycling Centre and Woodworking Shop. Youth that successfully complete the program will be eligible for a laptop computer.

What do I do if I’m having a crisis or needing something right away and the office is closed?
Our Youth Action Centre is open until 9:00PM or contact local help centers.

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