Have you ever wanted to work in a manufacturing setting but do not have the skills to land the job right now?

At our recycling facility, youth learn to operate several types of workstations that process recycled materials. At the YOU Made It Recycling Centre, you can learn how to operate properly equipment like a compactor/baler and a shredder.

You can help make London a ‘greener’ community in this Ministry of Environment approved facility!

To become a Recycling customer, please contact our Sales Team at sales@you.ca

“During my 3 month with YOU, I acquired various skills and training that enabled me to secure a permanent position. … I learned about several different recyclable materials and how to safely handle them. I also received training in WHMIS, First Air/CPR, Forklift certification … and conflict resolution.” — Eric D

“Canaccede Financial Group & Affirm Financial Service Inc. want to send you a HUGE thank you for helping us with our recycling. You’ve been wonderful to work with in keeping our company GREEN.
We would happily recommend YOU to anyone, given the experience we’ve had !!” — Canaccede Financial Group & Affirm Financial Service Inc.